Mosquito tracks your breath from 50m to bite. finds study

With over 12,000 people falling to dengue, year 2015 has seen the worst dengue outbreak in last 20 years. National Capital New Delhi alone has seen 10,683 cases this year. While 41 people have succumbed to death. The ever rising numbers are worst in past 20 years. According to official records, 10, 253 Dengue cases were reported in 1996 while 423 people died of Dengue that year.

The shattering numbers are a big question mark on the face of new government in the national capital that has miserably failed in controlling the outbreak. When compared to 1996, this year saw less of number deaths due to improved hospitality and awareness among citizens  2015 would have surpassed 1996 in death count too.

According to municipal report released today, 3,077 cases have been reported in last one week while 30 people died of dengue. However, the unofficial death toll stands at 41. The report mentioned that this year has worst outbreak in past six years as 6,259 people got infected with the deadly virus in 2010 which is nearly half the number of people diagnosed with dengue this year. While only 8 people died in 2010 which is nearly 5 times lesser than the current year.

Of 10,683 cases reported till today in Delhi, September alone has seen 6,775 cases which also worst in the past six years. Of 3,077 cases in the month of October, no dengue victim was reported in first three days of the month. According to official data, 331 cases were reported in 2011, nearly 300 cases were recorded in 2012, while 2013 saw 3,298 dengue victims.

Out of the total cases this year, north Delhi recorded the highest at 2,307, south Delhi saw 2,432 cases while east Delhi posted the lowest with 1,413 cases. When it comes to civic zones, Najafgarh Zone of SDMC has recorded the highest number with 808 cases. 590 cases were recorded outside Delhi jurisdiction area while nearly 641 cases fell in ‘others’ category.

In addition, 2,16,870 houses were found positive for mosquito breeding by municipal officials till October 10 while they have launched 20,670 prosecutions in the same period.

In the report, it was mentioned that situation is improving gradually and the government is trying every possible way to control the outbreak. It was also reported that AAP government is sending a team of scientists to China where they will mate dengue causing female mosquito with the genetically modified male mosquito.This way female mosquito will lose its breeding capability which will reduce the population of mosquito; lower mosquito count means lesser chances of dengue. Government believes that this way they can control dengue by 90 percent.

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