Midday nap can lower blood pressure and hypertension

A new study has revealed that napping in afternoon is good for our health. According to researchers, people especially adults should take an hour long nap in the afternoon as it might help in lowering blood pressure. Researchers have also find an interlink between midday nap and reduced use of anti-hypertensive medications.

For the study, researchers involved 386 participants including 200 men and 186 women with an average of 61.4 years. All the participants were suffering from arterial hypertension. Study authors divided the volunteers in two groups. People in the first group were allowed nap in the afternoon while people in the second group didn’t sleep at all midday.

After analysing the data, researchers found that people in the first group who slept midday had five percent lower average 24-hour ambulatory systolic BP when compared to people in the second group those who did not sleep at all midday. Researchers said that average systolic BP was six percent lower while sleeping and four percent lower while awake for people in the first group.

Dr. Manolis Kallistratos, a cardiologist at Asklepieion Voula General Hospital in Athens, Greece, said that although the reduction in systolic blood pressure is very small but it can lay down huge impact on risk of cardiovascular diseases. He explained that reduction of 2mmHg in systolic blood pressure can cut short the heart disease risk by 10 percent.

While observing the duration of midday nap, study authors noted that longer the sleep duration, lower the systolic BP readings, but results improved up to one hour after that there wasn’t any improvement in systolic BP readings. According to researchers, 1-hour midday nap can reduce systolic BP by 4mmHg.

Apart from lowering BP readings, researchers also noted that the participants in the first group who were allowed to nap in the afternoon reported of fewer antihypertensive medications when compared to the participants in the second group..

The findings were presented at the ESC Congress a” the annual congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) ” in London on August 29.

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