Human body has always been appealing to doctors. Recently a new organ named Mesentery, inside human body has been discovered. It connects the intestine to the abdomen.

This news can be shocking to general public. Most of us have a tendency to react before the fact that we haven’t grown a new organ but discovered an old one. Mesentery organ was present inside the human body ever since the person’s birth. And it is not anything new added to the human body.

Mesentery is the organ which connects our intestine to our abdomen. It performs important functions that affect the entire human system. From cardiovascular to immunological function, Mesentery organ has an impact on all of them.

Earlier Leonardo Da Vinci termed Mesentery as a contagious organ and science remained that way until Sir Frederick Treves in 1885 represented Mesentery as a fragmented organ in the human body. In a new study conducted by Professor Coffey, he has established the anatomy and structure of this new organ. He used certain images of the organ and after successfully compiling research to show that the organ’s continuity can be seen only when it’s exposed in a certain way.

Mesentery links your gut to the rest of your body. Hence, it performs very important task. It also carries blood and lymphatic fluids to other parts of the body.  This organ also maintains the position of the intestine. Consequently, it is connected with the abdominal walls of the human body. However, the organ is not in direct contact with the rest of the body part.

Now the researchers already know that this organ plays an important role in the intestinal, vascular, endocrine, cardiovascular and immunological systems of the human body. But more research is needed to determine the extent of those roles inside the human body.

First Published on Jan 6, 2017 at 10:03 PM
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