walnut a day increases memory

Consuming a handful of walnuts a day can improve your memory and cognitive functions, says a new study by UCLA. In a study that included 20 years old and above Americans, researchers investigated the relation between walnut consumption and cognitive function.  For the study, researchers made participants go through six cognitive tests.  Study authors then measured their memory and they were astonished to know that there was a simple solution to boost up the cognitive function and memory. Participants with higher walnut intake performed better in the tests.

“It is exciting to see the strength of the evidence from this analysis across the U.S. population supporting the previous results of animal studies that have shown the neuroprotective benefit from eating walnuts; and it’s a realistic amount – less than a handful per day (13 grams),” Dr. Lenore Arab, the lead researcher in the study, said in the release. “The study adds to a growing body of research surrounding walnuts’ positive effect on reducing cognitive impairment and overall brain health, which includes the possible beneficial effects of slowing or preventing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in mouse models.”

According to the researchers, effect of walnut on memory was pronounced because of its active ingridients that includes high antioxidant content of walnuts (3.7 mmol/ounce), presence of several vitamins and minerals, alpha-linolenic acid (2.5 grams per ounce), omega-3 fatty acid that has several benefits to brain and heart.

While more than 35 million people across the globe suffer from dementia, a disease that cut shorts memory, apparently the research gives new hope to the people suffering from dementia. The study gives a very simple and cheap solution in disguise of handful of walnut intake that can help in boosting up of memory.

The study was published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging.

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