Coffee consumption does not increase the risk of irregular heartbeat, says  researchers from the Institute of Karolinska in Sweden.

According to their opinion there are inadequate studies done on the topics, so it is the time to discuss more about it, as potential studies that will look into the connection of coffee consumption and AF. In the year 1997, the entire member filled out questionnaires that asked regarding their health as well as diet, moreover the question was included that how many cups of coffee they drank in a daily basis or weekly basis.

After the completion of the study, it was found that there is no connection between coffee and an increased danger of this type of irregular heartbeat.

According to the scientists, there’s more proof showing that caffeine fix is fine for the heart. Although coffee is often considered to be linked with heart problems, but its connection to the heart condition recognized as atrial fibrillation (AF) that is distinguished by an unbalanced and/or unusually rapid heart rate stayed unclear. Consumption of coffee is not at all linked with enlarged risk of atrial fibrillation: results from two potential cohorts and a meta-analysis.

The researchers suggested that their research study does not propose that high consumption of coffee is not related to other types of uneven heartbeat, also mentioning that some of the patients with AF at study baseline reported dropping their coffee intake because it caused arrhythmia.

At the end of the results, study authors determined that there was not any link between the consumption of coffee and atrial fibrillation – even when big quantities of coffee were consumed. The study is important for the people who like drinking as coffee as now they can consume it without any fear.

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