Doctors use titanium plates for bypass surgery for the first time

Doctors used titanium plates instead of traditionally used wires for sternal closure in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG). With the surgery conducted at the charitable Saibaba Hospital Dr. Rahul Kaiche became the first surgeon to achieve the feat in Maharashtra and second in India (first titanium plates were used three months ago in southern part of India).

Patient Basheer Sayyed Noor from Maharashtra underwent the surgery on 21 January. Before the surgery, he weighed 100 kg and was a chronic smoker. Thus, due to pressure from heavy coughing chances were there that he will break the wires used in traditional CABG for sternal closure and breakage of wires might have caused infections in the patient’s body. Following the recent researches saying 2 H and one U-shaped titanium plates with titanium screws can be used as an alternative, Dr. Kaiche successfully conducted CABG surgery using the same.

“This method was launched in the country a couple of months ago and the first surgery using it was done in the southern part of India. We used titanium blades and titanium screws for the performing the surgery. It takes around 2-2.5 hours to perform regular bypass surgery. For CABG, it takes extra 20-25 minutes,” Dr. Kaiche said.

Basheer, who spent 11 days in the ICU post-surgery due to his coughing problem said, “I had complete faith in the doctor and hence, I did not fear when I was told that the surgery was being performed on me for the first time. Before the surgery, I had pain for two-and-a-half months and had come for a bypass surgery here.”

After the surgery, Dr. Kaiche said that to conduct an operation for the first-time one needs high mental preparation. Titanium has several advantages over the steel wires. It has more tensile strength and is highly MRI friendly, which helps in monitoring the patient more accurately.

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