As this is a means to bring attention to the different forms of autism, the month April has been considered nationally as Autism Awareness Month. These efforts began about 50-years ago. during the early 1970s, the multi-colored puzzle logo was recognized worldwide.

A child’s birth is considered to be one of the most touching and precious moments in the parent’s life. As they grow, parents have hopes, dreams, and plans for their child. As the child and peers start developing and gain maturity, in case their own children’s

These efforts sound amazing. In case there would have been more widespread awareness about what autism really is and who can be on the spectrum while growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, the person probably would not have spent 27 years in trying to find out what was “wrong” with him before he finally received his diagnosis. the person might have been able to receive the kind of guidance,support and accommodations that might have helped him develop more healthy coping mechanisms in order to manage his social, sensory, and processing concerns rather than the ones he came up with on his own while flailing in the darkness for all of those long years.

Red flags need to be noticed as someone’s child does not keep pace with other children of similar age and this often leads to visits to a medical specialist. Such visits, throughout the world, have found that around one-percent of the earth’s population or roughly one out of 68 children, exhibits some symptoms of the autistic spectrum.

According to the researcher Paul Shattuck at Drexel University, there are some of the stereotype behaviors of autism which consists of hand flapping, stemming, anti-social skills, and diminished communication. Additional to this early signs are increasing frequency to seizures, delay in spoken language generally seen in young children and a bit of no eye contact while communicating. Children who are diagnosed with ASD are very frequently drawn to water bodies like ponds, lakes, and rivers, and as a result, drowning is the most prominent cause of death in young children with autism.

Autism is considered as the fastest growing developmental disability throughout the world to the common public and this is a term which has been commonly used regarding individuals having neurological disorders.

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