Lonely elderly people

According to a new report published by Age UK, a registered church in UK, over 5 lacks of people spend the whole week without talking or seeing anyone around them with 1.2 million among them being chronically lonely. Most of them are 60 or older who spend each day of the week alone.

The charity has stated all the above said facts in a recently published report ‘No one should have no one working to end loneliness amongst older people’. The main aim is to help elderly people fighting against loneliness. Though the numbers are much lower as compared to the number of elderly people going through the similar problem in Mediterranean European countries but the numbers situation cannot be ignored either.

To tackle the same, church rolled out a helpline number under the name “The silver Line Helpline” where all Age UK staffs along with other volunteers step out to carry out a guided conversion with people fighting with loneliness. The results were eyebrow rising during the period of last Christmas festive period as staffs reported of receiving more than one call per minute.

The helpline is also helping these chronically lonely elder people to find their other volunteer friends. They are also getting trained by experts on how to make the best use of social media to keep in touch with their family and old friends.

Upon interviewing UK residents, the actual measurement of loneliness came out to be more heart-breaking. Interview result of a research agency TNS revealed out of 2241 interviewees, 464 number of people are spending 6 out of 7 days alone while 498 told that they are actually spending the whole week without talking or seeing anyone around them even with no visits and phone call.

The initiative by the church through silver line helpline has gained massive popularity. It is a confidential helpline number which is open 24 hours a day 0800-470-8090.

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