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After bagging lots of praise for its Mi 5, Xiaomi is currently busy in developing its successor – the much-anticipated Mi 6. Though Xiaomi hasn’t yet confirmed the launch timeline for its upcoming handset is expected to hit the market in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 slated for the next month in Barcelona. Naturally, the gossips about the specs and functionalities are hitting the market hard and the latest leak about the Mi 6 is its Benchmarking result, which is spotted surfing the social sites of China. The leak also suggested the Xiaomi Mi 6 to get ahead of the 200,000 mark on AnTuTu benchmark.

As per the most recent leak suggested by GizmoChina, the rumored Xiaomi Mi 6 is spotted on the Chinese Benchmarking site AnTuTu with some really hefty scores. As per the reports, Mi 6 is found to score 210,329 on the Chinese Benchmarking site AnTuTu. To recall, one year ago, the Galaxy S7 managed to score 103,692 points on the same benchmarking site, which connotes the Xiaomi Mi 6 to be much more powerful than the flagship of Samsung. Though the result is not officially published on the website of AnTuTu, but a screenshot, having the result details has been shared by a user of Weibo, which has shown the upcoming Mi 6 to be a real game changer.

The screenshot, shared by the Weibo user is hinting the yet-to-be-official Xiaomi Mi 6 to be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset instead of the previous chip. If the leaks are to be believed, in company with the Samsung Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Mi 6 will be the only other branded smartphone to boast the newest Snapdragon 835 chip. It means we can expect the Mi 6 to offer some extremely superior smartphone experiences like better video and image capability, well-built protection with the advanced biometric sensors, improved privacy protection, smarter personal and automobile navigation, and down-to-earth Virtual and Argument Reality experience to the users.

To this matter, an analyst at iSuppli also has confirmed to the GSMArena that, Xiaomi Mi 6 will be the first Chinese handset to be integrated with the recently launched Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. Though no particular timeline for the launch of Mi 6 is yet available, but the smartphone is expected to hit the market around the time of Samsung’s Galaxy S8’s international debut.

A recently sourced rumor also has suggested the Xiaomi Mi 6 to launch with three processor variants like Mi 6S, Mi 6E, and Mi 6P. The different alphabets attached with the Mi 6 moniker are estimated to represent the chipset boasted in it. It means, the ‘S’ in the Mi 6S is signifying Snapdragon, while the letter ‘E’ in Mi 6E stands for Helio SoC from MediaTek, and the letter ‘P’ in Mi 6P is expected to symbolize Xiaomi’s own, Pinecone SoC, which is yet to be official.

However, the official statements on this rumors and reports are yet awaited.

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