In a new study, scientists said on an alarming note that watching too much TV might trigger diabetes. According to the study published in the journal Diabetologia, with each hour spent in front of idiot box raises the risk of diabetes by 3.4 percent.

“These results should inform future lifestyle intervention efforts that already focus on goals of increasing activity and reducing weight to also consider emphasising sitting less,” said senior author Andrea Kriska from the University of Pittsburgh in the US.

The study funded by an arm of the US National Institutes of Health was based on volunteers who participated in the Diabetes Prevention Programme (effective at increasing the physical activity). Researchers examined 3,234 obese US adults aged greater than 25 from 1996 to 1999. All the participants were ordered to note the time spent in front of TV. The main aim of the study was to either delay the type 2 diabetes or prevent the disease from using drugs like metformin or by changing lifestyle. The study also examined the effect of sedentary behavior on diabetes development.

After analysing the data, the study authors found that with each hour spent in front of the idiot box increases the diabetes risk by 3.4 percent. While explaining researchers said that less physical activity was one of the main reason behind the triggering of the disease. Besides, it was also noted that while watching TV people tend to eat fat-rich food or junk food that increases the risk of diabetes.

“These findings are particularly noteworthy because a decrease in sitting occurred despite the absence of programme goals aimed at reducing sitting,” Krisk noted.

Moreover, in previous study researchers found that four eggs a week along fatty dairy products like cheese can reduce the type 2 diabetes risk by third.


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