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Apple launched its unique AirPods with the launch of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in September 2106. But due to certain production issues, AirPods were made available at the market in December. Mainly AirPods are made in order to reduce the issues, which users used to have with the earphone wires. AirPods are small ear-bud like item which will be easily fit into your ears. They don’t have any wire connected to them. You just have to make them sit inside your ears.

AirPods are good to use, but the main problem is, all the time you cannot sit comfortably, holding the AirPods in your ears. Sometimes when you will be doing some work, at that time the AirPods might get slip away from your ears. And these are so small items that it is pretty hard to find them. Even if you don’t do any work, these AirPods may slip from your ears while sitting, sleeping, walking etc.  Sometimes you may miss them in your toilets and sometimes you may found them lying over the corner of your couch.

App to search the AirPods

An IOS developer named Deucks, made an app called “Finder for AirPods”, which can help you in finding your AirPods. With the help of this app, you can track your AirPods through Bluetooth connectivity. You can install the app from the iTunes store by paying $3.99. With the strength of the Bluetooth signal, the app will indicate you with ‘warmer’ or ‘colder’ signals. The ‘warmer’ indicates that you are near the AirPod. So according to that, you can at least search your AirPods.

Why Apple deleted this app?

But recently Apple removed the app from its store. The proper reason regarding this activity is not known. But still, it is predicted that Apple didn’t saw it much effective to find out the missing AirPods. Sometimes the AirPods are not within your range, you might have lost them somewhere else, but with the help of this app, you will start to search the AirPods all around your house, in a hope that it will indicate a warmer signal. But actually you have lost that and you are wasting your time by searching it. So maybe this is the reason why Apple didn’t find this to be a proper solution to search the missing AirPods.

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