The roll out of iPhone 6SE will be starting in September: sources say

The issues of iPhone 6s’ battery explosion and thermal events are mounting day by day and have made the parental company to think of a new diagnosis program to resolve it. After blaming the ‘external causes’ as the reason for heat and fire events of iPhone 6s, Apple finally admitted that the battery faults to be the main cause. It also admitted, “customers outside of the affected range” are also suffering due to the unexpected shutdowns of the handset.

On its Chinese Support Website, Apple acknowledged the configuration of the faulty battery to be the main reason of sudden shutdowns of iPhone 6s, and now, Apple is gearing up to dispatch a new update version to its iOS to solve the problems.

Along with the newly manufactured iPhone 6s, the devices produced before the timeline of September and October 2015 are also experiencing the same issue, and the reports of sudden shutdowns of iPhone 6s are getting bigger gradually.

A couple of days after Apple releasing a message on its Chinese site in regards to the battery shutdown issue affecting the users of iPhone 6s’, today the America-based company added a new message to its Chinese web portal. In the new message, Apple has mentioned about the rollout of a new version of its existing iOS for solving the issues.

In the statement, it said that some models of iPhone 6s exploded due to “controlled ambient air” while being manufactured and hence the scope of the explosion is sure to affect a higher range of iPhone 6s users.

To address these issues, Apple kick-started a voluntary recall for affected, and unaffected iPhone 6s models and the free replacement of batteries have already begun. But as the problem continues to affect more and more handsets over time, Apple is now designing a powerful diagnostic tool through its upcoming iOS update. The new forthcoming iOS will work out the battery shutdown issues and ensure the elimination of thermal events too.

The diagnostic tool is expected to hit the market in the form of iOS 10.2v. Though Apple yet hasn’t announced any particular date for the dispatch of new iOS, it mentioned to roll it out by the end of the next week.

Apple Inc, on its Chinese website mentioned

“We are incorporating new diagnosis ability in an iOS programming upgrade which will be rolled out in next week The new iOS version will help our programmers to gather valuable data over the coming weeks which will help us to calculate the issues of battery execution and shutdown. If such enhancements can be made, they will be conveyed in future software upgrades.”

How to replace iPhone 6s battery

Apple has already started the replacement program for the damaged iPhone 6s’ battery. If you are also one of those millions of affected users of iPhone 6s, rush to your local Apple store and verified if your iPhone 6s is entitled to the free battery replacement or not.

In the warehouse, your phone will be taken under a trial to spot wrecked display, scratches, and other cracks as the replacement program does not cover them.

In most cases, Apple is taking up to seven days to ship a replaced and safe battery unit and period in-between, you’ll be instructed to carry out the backup of your phone and to turn off the option of ‘Find My iPhone.’ Once your replacement battery reached stores, you will be instructed to leave your iPhone 6s at the Apple store. The replacement of battery will take 2-3 hours after you submit your device at Apple Stores.

In general, the battery replacement kit for iPhone 6s costs $79. But under the free replacement program of Apple, you can claim a free service, if your phone is entitled for the service.

Source: Macworld

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