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The news of Nokia coming back to the market with its own-branded smartphone has taken the market by storm and marketers are super-duper excited to experience a new smartphone. As per the official reports, Nokia with its new Android-based smartphone is said to hit the market in the early of 2017, may be at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, which is slated for 27th February 2017.

From the day of launching its first fully portable mobile in 1987 to its partnership with Microsoft in 2011 to launch Windows-based Lumia Phones, Nokia has always stayed ahead of the line. However, after the complete acquisition of Nokia Brand by Microsoft in 2014, the company lost its signature from the market and the tech world missed Nokia branded phones. However, with the announcement of Nokia to make a comeback to the market with new Android-based smartphone and tablets, a new flow of enthusiasm is found among the shoppers and Nokia fans. The Finnish Multinational is now getting up to make an impressive and robust return to the mobile market with the new line-up of smartphones and tablets in early next year, and we can expect a new Nokia-branded phone in our hand by the end of February 2017.

HMD, the commercial arm of Foxconn manufacturing has taken charge of designing and developing Nokia Phones for the next ten years. Though no official announcements are yet made about the title of the upcoming Nokia smartphone, some rumours are strongly suggesting the phone be called “Nokia D1C”. Some leaked images have suggested the Nokia D1C will be a premium quality phone with a mid-range price tag. However, the official announcement from Nokia or HMD is still awaited.

However, apart from all the excitements and expectations, the matter of challenges and competition for Nokia can’t be denied. The extreme rivalry in the smartphone market and late entry of the brand can be the primary source of problems for Nokia phones in coming days. However, Nokia has a tonne of trust this time around it’s Nokia D1C and expects it to good business in the market. Let’s have a look at how the Nokia D1C will work for its parental company and its Brand:

1. A Great comeback for “Nokia” Brand

No matter how long it is, Nokia still is considered among the most respectable and much-loved mobile brand. Even if after the acquirement by Microsoft, the brand lost its significance in the market, yet it is still going on with a decent value. Now, the Android-based smartphone, “Nokia D1C” is expected to make the company enjoy a robust comeback after years and get the authentic value of its Brand name. The revival of a brand always leads to great success and with Nokia, we can expect the same.

2. Yes!!! Finally, it is “Android”

A decade ago, Android OS on Nokia Phones was alleged to be a daydream. However, still, the marketers are expecting the phone to integrate with Android OS one day and this one day is going to appear in February. After so many decades, Nokia is finally going to revive its smartphone features with the Google-powered Android Operating System. Moreover, HMD is reported to be working directly with Google which means Android on Nokia can be completely personalised.

3. Challenges and Competition

Well, since years, Samsung and Nokia are considered to be the greatest rivalry of each other, and this time, the expectation is no different. If you take a gander at Nokia’s competition, the first name that will hit the mind is Samsung. At some point, the success of Samsung was somewhat liable for the downfall of Nokia. But 2016 is proved not-so-lucky for Samsung especially after the disaster of Galaxy Note 7, and now the brand is quite down in the market. And the comeback of Nokia in such time could bring great business opportunity for the brand.

4. Nokia D1C – Great value for Money or Not

Well, this is the most asked question about the upcoming phone of Nokia. Nokia, with its phones and gadgets, always has maintained a budget-friendly approach and this time, with its comeback smartphone, the market is expecting the same. Regarding features, design, hardware and price, Nokia did a great job in the past, and with the new one, it is believed to repeat the history. It is the price which will decide the make or break of the brand in coming days.

5. A hard-hitting opposition with Chinese brands

When it comes to budget-friendly smartphones with excellent specifications, Chinese Brands always heads the line. And this time, the Chinese brands are also expected to give Nokia the toughest competition in the budget segment. With the high-end specs and features, it may win millions of hearts, but in price segment, the brand will undoubtedly face some brawl with the Chinese smartphone makers. With the impeccable hardware, smoothness of the gadget, and a value-added price tag, Nokia is expected to trigger its magic once again.

Well, these are the top 5 factors that are supposed to dominate the Finnish Multinational in coming days. With the yet-to-be-announced smartphone, the brand has high hopes. But the aggressive competition regarding price and specification may cause some major challenges for the brand. However, let’s hope for the best and wait for the commercial launch of Nokia D1C

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