Salman’s Hit and Run Case takes new turns

Salman Khan’s hit and run case new twists and turns with every hearing and this one hasn’t disappointed in surprising us at all. In the latest hearing of the case, the defense lawyer, Shrikant Shivade, claimed that that the evidence suggested that victims had sustained serious injuries not in the accident but when the car fell on them while being lifted by crane.

“There are circumstances to suggest that the car dropped on the persons who were underneath when it was being lifted with the help of a crane brought by police after the mishap,” said defence lawyer Shrikant Shivade in his final arguments before the court was adjourned by judge D W Deshpande.

To this argument the offense lawyer said that it is in fact a lie since the victims were first removed. Shivade denied the argument of the injured victims being removed first and then the car being lifted by the crane.

If police say the vehicle was speeding at 90 km/hr then how the bumper of the car was intact and was not damaged after mishap,” Shivade argued referring to the evidences of the injured witnesses. He called the statements of one of the injured witnesses as ‘misleading’.

The case had been such that allegedly Salman’s vehicle rammed into a Bakery in Bandra West early morning of September 28, 2002 whilst accusing Salman of drunk driving. Apart from that accusation he is also held responsible for the death of one pavement dweller, Nurulah Mahboob Sharif, who died in the accident along with causing harm to Munna Malai Khan, Kalim M. Pathan, Abdullah Rauf Sheikh and Muslim Shaikh, who sustained serious injuries.

The trail will continue on April 18, 2015, i.e., today and we will be back with the spicy news as soon as we can lay our hands on it.

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