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The upcoming movie, ‘Dharam Sankat Mein’ has been a target of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) just like any other movie based on religion. The worshipers of God from various streams of religion have been asked to see the movie and present their views on the same. Many cast members have found this idea to be that of total absurdity.

The film is produced by Sajjad Chunawala and is an official remake of the 2010 British comedy film titled The Infidel. The story is about a Hindu man (Paresh Rawal) who goes through an identity crisis when he suddenly finds out that he was adopted as a son in a Hindu family but was originally born in a Muslim family. His journey starts with finding his real father and then ends with the decision on what religion to follow.

Even long before this ruckus, the controversies surrounded the poster release of the film, where Annu Kapoor bore a cap resembling a Muslim cap or a ‘taqiyah‘. Some people in the Muslim community got offended and sent a letter to IMPAA (Indian Motion Picture Producer’s Association) to remove the cap from the poster. After much debacle the makers decided to change the cap to avoid any further controversies.

In the wake of this new era, people will see through the frauds and that’s what these movies are trying to teach us. Further, Paresh Rawal has also stated that they have shown the reality in the film and nothing else. When asked on his views for this pre-screening with the Hindu and Muslim priests, Rawal commented, “Getting a Pandit and Maulvi to watch a film is a dangerous sign.”

It has become more of a traditional rite of passage in our country that whenever a Satire on any religion is made, the supposed God lovers, come out and oppose it. Even Paresh Rawal’s previous attempt at religious Satire in OMG wasn’t taken much lightly even though he presented such logics that shook the whole foundations of the scams that these so called ‘God’s lessons preachers’ claim to be true.

Wishing this movie luck, so that it sails through without much alterations and reach to your nearest cinemas soon.

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