ABCD2 Poster leaked: actors in anger

ABCD2’s poster was leaked online on 14th April, 2015, weeks before its official release. This has gotten the crew and actors in a fit of fury. Actor Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor took it to twitter to showcase their rage over the matter. They said that even though the people who leaked it haven’t been found yet, they cannot break the crew’s spirit with such flimsy tricks.

“It hurts more when Remo sir, Varun, myself and each and every dancer and team member has put their heart and soul in to making this film.” Shraddha tweeted post the poster leak news.

The actors are in distress and since they have been putting their heart and soul into this movie they don’t wish to go through such instances where people try to snatch away their glory and gift to their fans. The actors said that they also wish their fans to get a glimpse of their work but people like this are trying to steal away their thunder. This film is supposedly based on a true story and is India’s first 3d film that is based on dance.

“Me and @ShraddhaKapoor worked very hard to make this poster specially shraddha so whoever leaked the poster and tried to break our spirit. I want to say to that individual that #HatersGonnaHate but we gonna keep on moving ahead #ABCD2 is a very special film and Remo has put his everything into it. It’s India’s first dance based 3 d film based on a true life story.” Varun Dhawan tweeted last night.

The movie is set to release on June 19th this year and its first trailer was set to be released on 24th April. We hope that this incident doesn’t break the team’s enthusiasm and they do succeed in getting their desired outcome of the upcoming trailers and the film without any other obstructions.

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