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US President Barack Obama’s visit to India has been assumed to be a signal for businessmen of both the countries to look for opportunities of ease of trade from each other.

The issues that will be discussed in a meeting for better efficiency and ease are trade and economic issues, including visa, totalisation pact and impediments hampering investments.

The meeting will involve industrialists like Mukesh Ambani, Sunil Mittal, Chanda Kochhar, Anil Ambani, Vishal Sikka, Gautam Adani, Shashi Ruia, Anand Mahindra, Hari Bhartia, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Sudhir Mehta.

Obama will personally meet up with these influential industrialists and discuss over issues which need to be dealt with urgently.

The group will be discussing bilateral business ties, in which U.S.A. will play a vital source of potential manufacturing investments.

Political leader Shukla also said that the relations may make a strong pitch for India in front of the global community for considering India for future investments.

“WEF is way ahead of just investment and business,” he added. “At a personal level, I have gained a lot at WEF from learning experiences and on field activities of environment sensitivity, gender issues as well as promoting equity on the planet.”

On the occasion of this get together of the two leaders of two different nations, Mahindra said that it’s high time that India takes the lead and emerge as the world leader and come out as a much better contender in coming up with solutions for evolvement of some of world’s big problems is the belief that President Obama holds.

As far as we know, India deserves to be on the deciding committee when it comes to discussing crises in the world and their solutions. Be it conflict crisis or climatic change crisis or trade crisis.

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