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Within a week after suing Apple violating patents held by the Nokia, the Finnish company has again filed a lawsuit against the Cupertino giant for violating ten more patents that include RF technology, Find my iPhone feature used in Siri and much more.

Nokia Corp says that Qualcomm made the RF part that has been embedded in iPhone 6s which infringes the patent. In addition, the manual provided by the iPhone maker that instructs users to use 247 Accused Products also breaks the patent.

Another major patent breach is a feature of Siri, like Find my iPhone. Nokia says, the way Apple has implemented it and the interaction of virtual assistant with Music and Mail violates patents taken by the Finnish mobile maker.

A feature in iOS 10 is also under the radar and astonishingly the rear camera cut-out on iPhone has been patented long ago by the Nokia, says lawyers of Nokia Corp.

Nokia has jumped into a legal battle with the largest smartphone company and it has resulted in fall of shares by 5 percent. Nokia can ask Apple to take all of the infringing devices from the market if it wins the battle. However, it is very unlikely and in the case of a win, Finnish company can ask Apple to pay a royalty. However, in case of failure, Apple can file a defamation case on once market leader Nokia.

Nokia filed a suit in Europe and the US, claiming that still, the Cupertino giant is infringing on Nokia patents. The lawsuit filed by the Finnish company covers 32 patents, including display, software, user interface and video coding technology.

The company claimed that from the time when the case was initially settled, Apple Inc. has “declined subsequent offers made by Nokia to license other [parts] of its patented inventions, which are used by many Apple products.”

In addition, the lawsuit also covers the Apple’s arguments stating that Nokia already has agreements to license its patents for FRAND (Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory). The argument also includes, “But Nokia is transferring these patents to PAEs in order to aggressively pursue money.”

Apple also noted that the former mobile phone giant has been conspiring with PAEs patent assertion entities (Acacia Research and Conversant Property Management) in an “illegal patent transfer scheme” to wring money out of the firm because Nokia’s cell phone business is failing.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has now “expunged all mention of Withings and its product line from the online retail database. Whether or not the recent Withings removal is related to Nokia’s shady legal dealings has yet to be confirmed, but Apple has in the past used its retail might as a retaliatory weapon,” Apple Insider quoted in a report.

Five years ago in 2011, Nokia and Apple settled a patent infringement case with a licensing agreement that committed the Cupertino firm to offer a single and full payment to Nokia and promised to pay regular royalties in the future. Moreover, with the International Trade Commission over the use of intellectual property, both of the company’s agreed to withdraw complaints against each other.

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