HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies second quarter strategies for the fiscal year has brought it ahead of its other competitive companies like Wipro, Infosys and TCS. HCL Technologies is among the leading global IT services companies that are currently working with them in the areas that may impact and or might end up redefining the core of their businesses.

The second quarter results were announced where revenue stood at 9,283 crores and saw revenue growth at the rate of 6.3%QoQ & 13%YoY. Net Income was estimated to be 1,915 crores and it rose by 2.3%QoQ & 28%YoY.

HCL has also decided to improve its services in all the sectors including education care, healthcare, civic responsibilities, etc. It plans on interacting with the customer to get better feedback over the work they are doing and how to improve it.

Their strategy is inclusive of three things- IT outsourcing which is leading to opportunities of acquiring high shares in that market. The second strategy is engineering services outsourcing which will help in learning more in the area. The third area is digitalization which is the most important of all the three strategies.

The company provides to be a good bet, even in times of bad economy it has shown consistency without fail. It has been a good year for the firm and they intend to maintain their growth rate.

Anant Gupta, President & CEO, HCL Technologies said that they have been consistent with providing the correct information of all the situations and how they need to be dealt with.

HCL has agreed for 15 transformational contracts during this quarter which costed more than US$1bn of TCV (Total Contract Value) that represents the broad-based growth across service lines and verticals.

HCL has always been a company that can be trusted upon. But the question that rises is that, will the company be able to keep up the correct stature for the promises that they have made, based on the quarter two results.

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