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As soon Nokia filed the lawsuit against Apple, the company has reportedly started pulling its Nokia-owned Withings products from its stores, be it online or retail. The health related iOS compatible products including the Body Cardio Scale and Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor are now not available for sale.

The Cupertino giant has also effaced all naming of Withings and its product line from its official online store. A quick check shows text autofill no longer identifies “Withings,” “Body Cardio Scale,” “Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor” or “Smart Body Analyzer,” all products that were in the system prior to the abrupt policy change.

FYI, Withings is a French consumer electronics company headquartered in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and Hong Kong, distributing products worldwide. Withings is known for design and innovation in connected health devices, such as the first Wi-Fi scale on the market (introduced in 2009), an FDA-cleared blood pressure monitor, a high-definition wireless security camera, a smart sleep system, and a line of automatic activity tracking watches.

Having received numerous awards for its products and innovation, including CES awards, Withings was a flagship company of the French Tech community until it was purchased by Finnish company Nokia on 26 April 2016.

Besides, within a week after this suing, the Finnish company has again filed a lawsuit against the Cupertino giant for violating ten more patents that include RF technology, Find my iPhone feature used in Siri and much more.

Nokia Corp says that Qualcomm made the RF part that has been embedded in iPhone 6s which infringes the patent. In addition, the manual provided by the iPhone maker that instructs users to use 247 Accused Products also breaks the patent.

Another major patent breach is a feature of Siri, like Find my iPhone. Nokia says, the way Apple has implemented it and the interaction of virtual assistant with Music and Mail violates patents taken by the Finnish mobile maker.

A feature in iOS 10 is also under the radar and astonishingly the rear camera cut-out on iPhone has been patented long ago by the Nokia, says lawyers of Nokia Corp.

Nokia has jumped into a legal battle with the largest smartphone company and it has resulted in fall of shares by 5 percent. Nokia can ask Apple to take all of the infringing devices from the market if it wins the battle. However, it is very unlikely and in the case of a win, Finnish company can ask Apple to pay a royalty. However, in the case of failure, Apple can file a defamation case on once market leader Nokia.

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