New “Zoo Theory” suggests about aliens not interested in establishing contact with humans

A new theory suggests that although the aliens are present, they are not interested to contact us. Yes, the new theory is known as the ‘Zoo Theory’ has come up with a brand new thesis of alien-human connection. The theory says that the aliens see us a zoo exhibit and that is why they do not visit us and are not interested in establishing any connection with us. The new ‘Zoo Theory’ has been put forward by Radio Astronomer John A. Ball from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

According to Ball, the aliens definitely exist in the Universe and rather than interacting with us, they chose to monitor us and our activities. Ball believes that aliens are smarter than humans but not as strong as humans and that is why they do not think it wise to have face to face interaction with the humans. They feel that human civilization is quite powerful and trouble might arise if they try to communicate with the humans. This situation is similar to the zoo, where humans see and monitor the activities of the animals present inside in zoos but do not try to communicate with them or interfere with their activities. That is why the Ball has named his new theory the Zoo Theory.

The Zoo theory thinks that aliens are not interested in establishing communication with humans solely because they want to analyze our behavior and activities without taking any risk. The intelligent life’s main aim is to allow for natural evolution and socio-cultural development and avoid interplanetary contamination. Although the aliens are more advanced than humans, they feel that this technological advance against humans might backfire for them. So, they refrain from contacting Earth, and whenever they feel that they are safe with humans, they will try to interact with us.

Also, if humans forcibly try to connect with aliens by sending radio signals or by sending spacecraft to the potential planets, then also the aliens might not think of responding to humans. Ball thinks that the aliens are very much interested in knowing about humans and that is why many people report about thousands of UFO sightings every year. Ball wrote, “ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) may be discreetly and inconspicuously watching us but not dabbling.” Ball argues that one cannot prove the existence of ETI, but also one cannot disprove the presence of aliens. He says that searching alien life on Earth-like planets is not a wise option all the time. They might arise from Earth-like planets, but there is no surety that they exist inside them. They are pretty advanced so they may be residing on other planets that do not have warmth gravity or atmosphere.

Ball suggested that mankind is neither alone nor number one and advanced civilizations do exist and exert some degree of control over the galaxy. Ball feels that aliens are aware of us at least at some level and we might be only an obscure entry in their tabulation of inhabited regions of the galaxy. “We’re unaware of them because either they want us to be unaware| they’re hiding (But this means that they care about us, else why bother to hide?)|or because we’re not (yet) clever enough to know that they’re there, but they don’t care whether we know, he said. The “Zoo theory” looks quite interesting and might have excited the alien hunters and conspiracy theorists who believe that aliens are there in the Universe.

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