New Snapchat feature allows users to delete unseen messages

A new Snapchat feature has recently surfaced that is designed for revoking the unread texts, pictures, and/or videos. This feature would definitely be a savior for the people sending filthy jokes, low pickup statements, or messages that senders require to be conscious of before tapping the “send” button.  This new Snapchat feature has been named as Clear Chats. The feature would help the Snap users to delete already sent individual as well as group messages.

The Snapchat app already deletes messages automatically after they have been read. But with this new feature, users can avoid the embarrassing situation that could come up with wrongly sent messages. However, though this feature comes to the rescue, the users still may not be lucky enough. The message recipients would receive notification of the deleted message in the same way that they receive notification of the sent message, although they would not be able to view the original text or media file. The recipients of the message may also take screenshots of the message previews in the notification window, which implies that the offensive message would still be there in the gallery of the recipients in the form of an image.

For using the new Clear Chats feature of the social media Snapchat for deleting sent messages, the users have to just long press on the particular media file, which could be a text, picture, audio, video, or any other file that they wish to quickly eliminate. A pop-up window would immediately appear asking the users whether they want to delete the message. Users then just have to tap to get the embarrassing content deleted easily.

With such facilities coming up gradually, the day would not be far when revoking unseen message would just be mere table stakes as far as messaging apps are concerned. This feature offers a better message revocation provision than those that exist in platforms like Gmail where the users only get a few seconds before their email gets lost somewhere in the server, becoming a part of the inbox of the recipient.

This new feature has come at the same time when Snapchat has released its plans of making its second-gen Spectacles widely available. The new Spectacles are now available on Amazon.

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