This new sets of algo will make computer smarter by enhancing learning ability

Scientists have developed a highly advanced algorithm that will enable computers to become smarter and better by enhancing its ability to learn, understand and process human languages in a better way.

Engineers are trying to make computers learn and process a language the same way as humans do it. However, they have failed in achieving the efficiency of human beings. We learn and understand a language through several ways like by using dictionary and then using that word in a meaningful sentence.

The new set algorithms would work the same way which will enable computers to act like humans in case of encountering a new word.

Researchers explain that the algorithm will look into the dictionary to check the meaning and it will then implement it in the sentence to confirm the context in which to use the word. Learning the semantic representation of the word will let computer use other words along with the newly encountered word depending on the different context.

To check the accuracy of the algorithm whether it has provided correct semantic representation of the word, it compares similarity scores produced using the word representations learnt by the computer algorithm against human rated similarities.

“Learning accurate word representations is the first step towards teaching languages to computers,” said computer scientist Danushka Bollegala from University of Liverpool in Britain.

“If we can represent the meaning for a word in a way a computer could understand, then the computer will be able to read texts on behalf of humans and perform potentially useful tasks such as translating a text written in a foreign language, summarising a lengthy article, or find similar other documents from the internet,” Bollegala noted.

“We are excitingly waiting to see the immense possibilities that will be brought about when such accurate semantic representations are used in various language processing tasks by the computers.”

The new algorithm can completely redefine the way we use computers and the extent to which we use computers in different fields. It will make computer highly advanced and intuitive.

The study appeared at the Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference held in Arizona, US.

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