New Road Safety threat – Pokémon Go; caused 10,000 cases of diverted driving

New Road Safety threat – Pokémon Go; caused 10,000 cases of diverted driving

The AR game “Pokémon Go” needs no introduction. While the original Pokémon Game was launched in 1996 in Japan, its upgrade version ‘Pokémon Go’ introduced this year and suddenly become the internal sensation. Only in one week of its launch, the game was declared as the most popular smartphone game in the world, while Apple said the game to be the most downloaded game in the gaming history. The phenomenon of Pokémon Go Game has truly dominated the entire world and the gamers from each corner of the globe are obstinately trying to capture their favorite creature in their camera.

But do you know, this overwhelming popularity of the game has become a serious concern for the government of different countries and road safety departments as the game is reported to be the cause of 10, 000 distracted driving cases. According to the study conducted by the researchers at San Diego, State University has stated Pokémon Go as new Roadway Danger and accused the AR-powered game of creating more cases of mishaps and accidents.

The newly published statistics by the San Diego State University researchers indicates thousands of players are driving their car while playing the game or abstracted by other players who are kept on increasing the concerns over the road safety. SDSU scientists examined online networking and news reports identified with this AR-powered game, Pokémon Go and found that the game is causing more driving risks. The group discovered 14 serious car accidents are associated with Pokémon Go.

According to the statistics, a huge number of gamers, especially younger player is found to be more engaged in the malicious software downloading to grab the game while driving and more than 10, 000 gamers are reported to face serious injuries and accidents for playing and driving cars simultaneously.

The study has taken several social media posts and new reports for gauging the data. It also revealed that, more than 33% posts on Twitter are based on the risks and incidents caused by the Pokémon Go craze while driving. In 10 days, total 113, 933 cases of driving risks and driving distract have been reported on micro-blogging site Twitter caused by Pokémon Go.  Out of 33% Twitter posts, 18% posts recommended the player was driving and playing simultaneously, while 11% are reported for abstracting the driver by other passengers and 4% suggested that walkers were playing near traffic.

According to the published journal, Twitter has witnessed around 345,433 posts that are related to the terms like “driving,” “drive,” or “car” with “Pokémon go.” And this clearly indicates that how the craze of Pokémon Go has dominated the campaign for road safety in various countries of the world.

According to Eric Leas, the co-author and a doctoral student from SDSU/UCSD Public Health Joint Doctoral Program, “Considering that people had to tweet or be tweeted about to be captured in our study, we are likely underestimating distractions linked to Pokémon GO.”

He also added that “only in 10 days, our findings suggest there were more than 110,000 cases of potentially distracted drivers or pedestrians, and 14 accidents, giving a clear justification for a public health response.”

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