New revolutionary glass paint that keeps metal surface cool and lasts longer

Scientists have developed a revolutionary low-cost, environment-friendly glass paint that can keep the metallic surfaces like roof of the house  and cars cool during scorchingly heated summer. Instead of absorbing the sunlight, the newly developed glass paint reflects the sunlight that eventually helps in keeping the metallic surfaces from warming up. Thus, people in cities like Delhi where temperature hovers around 40 degrees in summer might be willing to use the newly developed paint.

While explaining Jason J Benkoski at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab said that traditional paints used in home or cars are made of polymers but over the time polymer paint degrades and gets decomposed and one can easily witness chalking and yellowing. In addition, polymers adversely affect the environment by releasing volatile organic compounds.

Seeing above drawbacks, researchers used glass in paint which is made of silica. It is hard, durable and brittle with appropriate optical properties to be used in paint. After seeing these properties, Benkoski decided to use glass while making this new paint. To design the paint, Benkoski took silica and made potassium silicate which easily dissolves in water. Experimentally he altered the composition of the compound such that when sprayed over a surface, the water dissolvable compound becomes water resistant.

In addition, the newly designed glass paint is made up of inorganic compound unlike traditional paints which are made of organic compounds. This property ensures that glass paint will last much longer than its organic counterparts as organic paint degrades in the environment at a much faster rate.

Also, once sprayed over a metal surface the paint expands and shrinks just like a metal when exposed to heat which prevents cracking, adding up life to the paint. While adding several pigments in silicate helps it to reflect sunlight instead of absorbing, making it act like a coolant.

Metal surface changes its shape frequently when exposed to heat, however, the paint keeps the temperature of metallic surface cool which further prevents corrosion and other types of degradation of metallic surface. Hence, giving extra life to metals. In addition, researchers believe that the paint could also be used on cars since they are made of metal, it will keep them cool.


Article originally published on 18 August at 15:06

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