Journey to Mars: NASA to send humans to Mars prior to Moon

Jim Bridenstine, the new NASA administrator insisted on Wednesday on sending humans to the red planet first prior to going to the moon. The previous “Republican congressman,” is headstrong at making the United States the first nation to make humans visit mars before going back to the lunar surface.

During the period of fifteen months, when NASA did not have any permanent leader, the space agency was tasked by the Trump Administration to send back human beings to the lunar surface prior to taking them to Mars. Bridenstine defended this directive, though no new news about taking humans to Mars has been disclosed by the space agency.

Bridenstine said in the month of March, NASA had requested for data to the United States industry, in order to get ideas for improving the transportation of the lunar payload to the orbit and the moon. He said that nobody should possess the idea of the upcoming focus to be the moon. Bridenstine said that they are working on the Mars as well as the moon missions simultaneously and both of them are dependent on one another.  He added that the return of humans back to the lunar surface would let them improve and enhance the technologies that are needed for the Mars mission. Further, he said that some instances of those technologies encompass “surface habitation, equipment for surface mobility, precision landing, and long-duration life support.”

The “Mars 2020 rover” is one among the short-term strategies. It is basically a “car-sized vehicle,” which would seek evidence of any habitable conditions on the surface of the red planet. The rover is developed with the ability to gather the core samples of soils and rocks. The very promising rover would be launched in the year 2020 in the month of July.

The United States is handling its missions calmly putting the right foot forward. Despite the nation’s increasing geopolitical conflict with Russia and China, the United States is not experiencing an immediate space race. However, some of the politicians are stressing on the fact that it is crucial for the United States to reach the Mars first.

The Chairman at the Space Subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas urged that the very first foot to be stepping on the Mars would be that of an American. He further said that it is the leadership which the nation requires and should value. He added that it is essential for America to restore its leadership.

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