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Recently the US Space agency, NASA has declared the launch of two new missions. These missions are focused in the study of the early eras of Solar System. The history of solar systems is hence to been disclosed soon.

The new missions are named as Lucy and Psyche. Out of five finalists, these two missions were selected. They will be launched on 2021 and 2023. Lucy and Psyche will be designed to dig up information regarding the Solar system. 10 million years ago, with the birth of Sun, the history of solar system came into existence. These two missions aim to dig up information regarding the history of the solar system.

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The mission Lucy is targeted to reach Jupiter’s mysterious asteroid called Trojan. And mission Psyche will study a unique type of metal asteroid that has never been touched before in the history of NASA. NASA’s science mission directorate, Mr Thomas Zurbuchen said, “This s what space missions are all about- boldly visiting places which have never been explored before.”

Lucy will be launched on 2021. It is expected to reach its first destination by 2025. From 2027 to 2033, Lucy will be exploring Jupiter’s six mysterious asteroids including Trojan. These asteroids are trapped inside Jupiter’s gravity. It revolves around Jupiter and shares its orbit path. Trojan is considered as the most ancient asteroid.

The new mission, Psyche will explore some unexplored parts of space. It will be orbiting around the mysterious asteroid belts of the solar system. A giant metal asteroid is discovered. It is situated thrice further from Sun than Earth. This asteroid measures 130 miles in diameter. Unlike other asteroids which are made water and icy components, this asteroid is made up of iron, nickel and other metallic components.

Psyche is also a new robot mission. It will be launched in 2023 and reach its destination by 2030. Scientists are expecting to discover new dimensions of the history of Solar system.

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