New Instagram feature would allow users shop through Instagram Stories

Instagram has reportedly expanded its E-commerce feature to Instagram Stories. This feature was earlier available to the app users on the Instagram feed. According to the announcement made by this Facebook-owned company, it would add certain stickers and an icon depicting shopping bag to its stories. The Instagram users could tap upon the sticker in order to view more details regarding the product.

The pictures and videos sharing platform said through a recent blog post, “Brands have always been early adopters of stories, they create some of the most viewed and engaging content on the platform.” However, this new functionality is currently available for selected brands but the addition of much more brands could be expected in the near future.

With near about four hundred million users active on the social media, the Instagram Stories is a major focus of the platform. The lead of industry for Facebook for categories of fashion, beauty, retail, and luxury, Karin Tracy, said, “Consumers have a real appetite to see brands in Instagram Stories.” Further, Tracy added, “They like and respond to the format, which is a little different, a little less polished.”

During the launch of the Instagram Shopping, Hugh Fletcher, at the consultancy Salmon said that this global rollout is actually a response to the growing shopping needs of the consumers that are gradually transferring from the offline modes to online platforms. Fletcher said that the Instagram Shopping feature is a big opportunity for brands to get noticed in the heavily competitive market. Fletcher further explained, “Mobile sales are now a significant source of growth and this will enable retailers to provide tailored deals directly to the shopper. It will also naturally influence the market during retail peaks, as consumers use social media to search for the latest trends and products.”

Instagram even launched a new tool, which has been designed to provide a provision to the customers to raise their irritations related to the products they purchase from the Facebook advertisers. The social media mentioned in an online post, “We’re taking steps to try and identify these and other common frustrations with a new tool launching globally.” Further, Instagram explained, “It is designed to let people review businesses that they’ve made a purchase from. It will allow the community to help one another find businesses with overwhelmingly unsatisfactory customer service.”

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