New Hitch for Samsung: Release of Galaxy S8 Allegedly Deferred By 2 Weeks

New Hitch for Samsung: Release of Galaxy S8 Allegedly Deferred By 2 Weeks

The downfall story of Samsung’s latest released smartphone Galaxy Note 7 is nothing than a Movie screenplay. With hazards for battery blast, fire catch-up scenes in flights, and overheating led Samsung to phase out the production of Galaxy Note 7 completely. Along with this, Samsung also underwent through the replacement of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones units. Now according to a fresh report, the knock-on effects of this happening have become the primary cause of hindrance for the development and testing of the upcoming flagship of Samsung – The Galaxy S8.

In less than two months of launch, Samsung’s Note 7 went through a series of blasts fire-catches, which dragged the reputation and investment of the Korean Multinational into the edge of market risks. It is almost more than two months to the happening of the first impact of Note 7, yet Samsung’s engineer team are yet unable to locate the root of fault, which in other ways are creating more inconvenience for the development and launch of Galaxy S8.

According to the new report sourced from an authority of Samsung, all of designer and engineer teams of Samsung are trying their best to comprehend the root of the inconvenience found in Galaxy Note 7, in which the engineer team of the Galaxy S8 is also involved, and this is has deferred the processing of Galaxy S8 by two weeks.

According to the reports of Wall Street Journal, Samsung is not willing to reiterate the blunders of Note 7 once again with its upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 and hence is taking much time to ensure a full-grown model of Galaxy S8, rather than dispatching a faulty model for the second time. Before officially launching Galaxy S8, Samsung wants to go beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Galaxy S8 is completely safe and hazard-free and so is checking all the security boxes that will guarantee that the “S” series does not get hit as hard as its Note flagship did.

Apart from this report, the rumours about, Samsung is officially killing its “Note” series are also hitting the marketplace actively. Due to the ghastly repute created by the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is reported to phase out the set of Note models from its smartphone line-up entirely and instead it will give more focus on “S” series. However, nothing is officially confirmed yet.

Mobile Chief of Samsung, DJ Koh reported the first review process was arranged hurriedly despite the fact that there wasn’t sufficient substantial proof of the issue. The batteries made by SDI and China’s Amperex Technology were of various shapes, and a particular bump in the battery made by SDI was alleged to be the reason of fire issues in Note 7.

However, without doing any solid survey and test, the review was reported, and the company believed that the revamped battery with ‘Green Safety Icon’ would make the device safer and sheltered. But it proved to be wrong and made the company went through both the loss of fame and money.

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