New ‘Ghost Particle’ hints existence of alien life

scientists claim presence of alien life

Speculations about existence of alien life has become a part of our life for a very long time and now some researchers, in their latest findings, have presented some ground proofs about the presence of alien life in our universe. According to the scientists, they have found some strange particle dubbed as ‘ghost particle’ in the debris collected from the outer space.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology have found a ‘living balloon’ like particle which they believe was once used to carry microscopic alien organism — a legit proof of existence of extraterrestrial life.

Lead researcher. Milton Wainwright said that while exploring the stratosphere, 27 kilometres above the earth’s surface, they found a particle resembling a chiffon scarf with the width of a human hair and a ghost-like appearance. The particle is believed to be lighter than air as it floats flawlessly.

“We can speculate that in its space environment this ‘ghost particle’ is a living balloon which an alien microscopic organism might inflate with lighter than air gasses allowing it to float in the air or the seas of an unknown space environment”, Wainwright said. “We have never seen such a particle on the Earth previously. Apparently it is the first alien life ever to be witnessed,” he added.

The particle is made up of carbon and oxygen and was similar to a collapsed balloon, but it apparently remains inflated in its natural state. The scientists believe it to be a remarkable discovery as the living balloon was in an untouched condition and was having no signs of contamination by particles, including pollen, grass or other pollutants.

If their research comes out to be true, then there is a very high probability that some alien life might exist in some other corner of this universe. After all researchers have found the ‘ghost particle’ just 27 kilometres above the earth’s surface, and there is the whole universe that is yet to be explored.

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  • So, are there fossils or life expressions elsewhere? Isn’t the emergence and maintenance of life a process of radical contingency? That is, is a unique and unrepeatable past totally necessary? Or does life emerge through space like mushrooms when some conditions are present? So, how many conditions are necessary: three, four, trillions, infinite? Only one, the ghost particle, water, carbon or any sort of God? Is God the word that means infinite conditions, absolute necessity? Anyway, how did the life that emerge in a given conditions resist when switching to a different moment? How does life resist time itself, the effects of entropy? But, is it possible for human beings to recognize a simpler life than their own brain only? On the other hand, beyond likeness, is it possible to recognize a complex thing than human brain, is this the extra-terrestrial life that some people are searching unsuccessfully? However, is there an origin of life or would it be as finding a cut in the material history of the universe, an infinite void that human language patches now? Along these lines, there is a peculiar book, a short preview in Just another suggestion that can be easily ignored

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