New dinosaur fossil unearthed in Gujarat, might reveal crucial info

A team of Indo-German paleontologists has recovered 135 million-year-old dinosaur fossil from Kutch region of Gujarat. The remains of dinosaur are oldest recovered in this century. In the first stages of examination, it was found that the dinosaur was herbivorous and survived eating trees, shrubs and herbs.

Archaeologists were exploring the Kutch area of Gujarat for over 25 years with an aim finding ancient fossils. The team consisting of two Indian and one German archaeologist stated that they are getting the dinosaur’s fossils from the time when the dinosaurs lived in the coastal area of the state, which couldn’t be discovered before the present time.

Indian-origin member Gaurav Chauhan said that age of the fossil isn’t known yet. However, researchers will perform carbon dating test to confirm how old the fossils are. Researchers have found bones from hip or limb area and they are pretty sure the fossils are of dinosaurs. However, they couldn’t utter a word on the species without confirming the age of the recovered bones.

About 15 years ago the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation was there collecting the fossils of the dinosaurs lived in the area, now again the fossils of the dinosaurs are being recovered. Birds were generally evolved from the small feathered dinosaurs and the oldest-known bird, hot-blooded and crow-sized Archaeopteryx that lived on Earth long 150 million years ago.

In 2014, one of the biggest dinosaurs was found that was in the Argentina’s Patagonia region, on the location Titanosaurs named dinosaurs lived and roamed the forests about 100 million years ago.

Being evaluated earlier the metabolism of the 21 dinosaur species through the use of the formula developed on the basis, taking consideration of their body mass, which is revealed through the bulkiness present in the thigh bones of their body. The growth rates that is showcased through the growth rings in fossil bones akin in the trees.

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