New Chinese regulation enforces real-name registration for Internet

New Chinese regulation enforces real-name registration for Internet tecake

In a recent report, Chinese government has imposed new regulations asking its users to register themselves on the Internet with their real names. The order came in by for the government to take control of the Internet and its users in the country. Passing these regulations, without a doubt violates the Internet freedom, however, Chinese government says it will help protect them the Internet ecology. Guidelines for the provision is clearly suppressing the voices that are against the national interest and the socialist system.

The rules apply to the microblogs, blogs, instant messaging services, online discussion forums, news comment sections and various other services. In all, China is attempting to bring in a cloud that might suppress the voice of government critics.

According to a state-run China News service, username chaos has become a serious problem in the country, and the several fake accounts are polluting the Internet ecology. It is harming the interests of people in the country and the socialist values.

Starting from March 1st, 2015, users in China will have to register at the online services with their real information and name. However, the government gave the leverage for them to choose a username and an avatar of their choice, provided they are not spreading the banned content.

It is not the first time since China has passed such regulations. Last year the Chinese government rolled out orders for everyone to use their real names on social networking services, but the impact of it was minuscule.

China has nearly 700 million Internet users in the country, which was previously only limited to 618 million in the year 2013. There has been a significant growth in the Internet users, and the way Chinese government is putting more and more restriction on the content that is available, it might not benefit its people the way it should.

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