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Around 12 proposals are under review of NASA under its New Frontier Program! So far, NASA has launched 3 missions under this program. The Juno Jupiter Mission, The New Horizons Pluto Mission, and The OSIRIS-Rex: Asteroid Bennu Mission, are the missions launched by NASA!

For the 4th mission of the New Frontier’s Program, NASA has received 12 proposals. These proposals are being reviewed by NASA from technical and scientific points. It is expected that NASA would choose one of the 12 for the mission that is planned for 2024. This new mission is expected to worth around $1 billion in 2019.

There are numerous of hidden secrets that our universe holds! Many of these hidden secrets have been unveiled by the scientists who give high efforts for the projects, though several secrets are still under mystery! NASA reveals amazing details about the hidden secrets of the universe from time to time!

One among the proposal includes the launching of an unmanned spacecraft for gathering the samples from the surface of the comets. Another proposal includes investigating Saturn’s moons Titan and Enceladus. All the proposals would undergo scientific and technical reviews for around 7 months.

NASA has ever suspected that there is an existence of life beyond Earth and has also provided certain pieces of evidence for confirming its statement! NASA states that the new mission for investigating Saturn’s moons Enceladus and Titan is to find signs of life away than earth which is under review. NASA further states that the next mission would be selected for flight in around two years and would be launched in the mid-2020s.

As stated by NASA, the New Frontier mission would reveal the answers to the biggest questions related to the solar system. This mission is based on the previous missions and the frontiers would carry on the explorations! The team of scientists is reviewing the exciting investigations and stepping ahead towards the bold missions of discovering the solar system.

Launching New Horizons Spacecraft in the year 2006, The New Frontiers Program is fast pacing. This program is aimed at examining the solar system in a descriptive way. One among the three missions of the New Horizon Mission is to Pluto.

The $1.1 billion mission, launched in 2011- The Juno Spacecraft is currently orbiting Jupiter. The aim of this mission is to find out if the planet has a solid core or not. Apart from this, the scientists aim to find out the origin of the formation of the atmosphere and the magnetosphere. This mission is also targeted to find whether the planet consists water or not. Finding the information would be helpful in finding the clues to the origin of the planet’s evolution and formation. There are probabilities that finding out the information could be helpful in learning about the process how the solar system came into existence.

The OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft that was launched in September is moving on the way to Bennu- the near-to-Earth asteroid. It is expected that the spacecraft would meet the asteroid within 2018. This spacecraft would survey the surface of the asteroid in its visible and infrared spectra. It would collect sample materials from the asteroid and return back to Earth in 2023. The fourth mission would be a part of the Frontiers Program!

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