RR Patil Tecake

NCP leader and former home minister RR Patil’s condition was in a critical situation and was put on life support system in Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. 57-year-old Patil, who was undergoing treatment for oral cancer, passed away this Monday.

Late RR Patil became the Home Minister of Maharashtra for the second time after the 2009 Maharashtra assembly election and was the former Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He was known for his controversies during the Mumbai attacks where he couldn’t act up to his part when it came to taking action during the graveness of the situation and called that such small things are an everyday sight in big cities like Mumbai.

It was because of this that he was forced to resign from his post. However, he was also appreciated for what he did to protect the people who were scared to death by the Naxalites that were killing and robbing them mercilessly.

His condition had been kept hidden until it became very clear that the man was not well. Rumors have it that he suffered multi-organ failure along with a cardiac arrest last December. He was admitted to the hospital two months back for treatment and had been undergoing chemotherapy sessions for quite some time.

Party leaders Ajit Pawar, Supriya Sule, Sunil Tatkare and Chhagan Bhujbal had given him a final visit before he took the last breath. They have been on his side even during his downfall, and he considered Pawar as his confidante and good friend.

All in all, he was a good man and a politician who did his responsibilities well and provided service to the nation. So we pray that may his soul rest in peace.

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