National Technology Day gets celebrated by SCIR-IICT in Hyderabad

When it comes to making a clear concept regarding the relationship, human health and epigenetics are highly associated. V.M Katoch, former Health Secretary and Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research said this during A.V. Rama Rao Technology Award.

This award ceremony was conducted at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology this year. Katoch made his point in explaining the links between numerous diseases like cancer, Alzheimer with epigenetics.

He said the changes in the epigenetic take place in a natural way but a lot of factors are influenced. Things include age, food habits, lifestyle, and environment that progress the disease condition.

Professor Katoch focused on explaining the points that are increasing every day from India and the rest of the world showing the epigenetics relevance.

Katoch discussed several diseases in his lecture and many aspects of epigenetic changes that are controlled by DNA that get disturbed in the cells leading to the development of the diseases.

The lecture was conducted to celebrate the occasion of National Technology Day in India marking the Pokhran nuclear test that took place on May 11, 1998. This particular test made India enter the club of reputable countries.

On this favorable occasion, MoU got signed between Maitri Auquatech Private Limited and CSIR-IICT for incorporating work together in the fields of atmospheric water generators (AWGs).

According to Katoch, there was a potential link that was created between the epigenetic changes and nutrition that was established. To turn around the epigenetic changes in humans, it is a must to consume food mindfully that contains bioactive compounds.

The Indian Institute of Chemical Technology- CSIR Hyderabad celebrates this day by conducting lectures by the prominent scientists. According to the press release, CMD of AVRA labs and Former Director of CSIR-IICT Dr. AV Rama Ro sponsored the AV Rama Rao Technology Award as well as the AV Rama Rao Young Scientist award.

Dr. Sujit K Ghosh gets facilitated with the AV Rama Rao Young Scientist award. He is an associate professor in IISER, Pune. He delivered his lecture on Metal-organic Frameworks for Sensors, separations, and other functions after receiving the award.

Professor V.M. Katoch delivered the lecture on A V Rama Rao Technology Award event on his search for opportunities in Epigenetics and Epigenomics for Prevention and Treatment.

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