A national-level hockey player Karishma Sonkar, who belongs to Pilibhit, got missing in the course of the journey. She was coming back to home alone after participating in an Under-17 National School Hockey Championship held at Ranchi and went missing, her family informed police on Monday.

A 16-year old young hockey player Sonkar lost contact with her family on January 10, 2015, and last communication was made when she boarded a train from Faizabad to Bareilly. She was there in Faizabad to participate in the Championship, which was held from 3rd January to 7th January 2015. Karishma Sonkar family dropped her there in the city, but no one stayed back with her, or came back to pick her up for home.

Faizabad was decided to be a point where all of the team members had to meet and continue their journey towards Ranchi for the tournament. Coach Rahul Singh directed all of the players about meeting in the Faizabad for journey to Ranchi, and then dispersing off to their homes.

Sonkar’s family registered a complaint against the coach Rahul Singh in their daughter’s disappearance. However, the coach refused all allegations from the very edge. Investigation revealed that that girl misled her family when police verified the location of her mobile phone. Details indicated that her real location when she last called her parents was Barabanki, whereas, she told her parents that she was in Lucknow. SP Railways Vaibhav Krishna said that the police are considering this case very seriously and took a step of manhunt to find out the girl.

The girl’s brother Saurabh charged the coach for carelessness and said, “Sports authorities had asked parents of the players to make their arrangements for the onward journey. When the authorities had already arranged for the journey to Faizabad, they could have paid for the ticket to Bareilly as well and charged the difference from us.”

On the other side, Rahul denied the family’s charges. He said that rules were clear that every player got a reserved ticket till Faizabad, and it was the responsibility of their parents to collect their child from Faizabad. He also said that Sonkar’s parents did not come to receive her when all the players were moving to their respective places from Faizabad. He also informed that the girl called her parents in front of him and gave them the exact location and details of her train in which she was traveling to Bareilly.

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