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In an attempt to give a reason for the public auctioning of coal blocks by his government, Narendra Modi on Monday said that the country has fallen to pieces due to corruption.

Modi said that people were not ready to accept the amount quoted for the coal scam where The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) had rounded off the loss at Rs 1,74,000 crores which was stated unbelievable. Therefore, the government took the decision of public auctioning.

“Under the new government, out of 204 coal mines, only 18 coal mines have been auctioned till now. The bids exceed Rs. Two lakh crore,” he said.

Prime Minister, while referring to the valor and patriotism of freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev and Batukeshwar Dutt announced the establishment of ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh Post Graduate Institute for Horticulture Research and Training’ in Punjab .

Modi also paid a visit to Hussainwala, the place where Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were cremated unceremoniously after their hanging. They were hung at Lahore by the British Colonial Administration on March 23, 1931 on the grounds of treason.

Hussainwala, The National Martyrs Memorial outlines the spirit of these three martyrs who had embraced martyrdom with smiles on their faces for the nation and had lit yet another flame of resistance against the colonial empire.


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