One of NASA’s powerful Earth-observing satellites has tracked down a massive “Bubble” contiguous to the Planet Earth, and scientists have named it as “Manmade Space Weather.”

Earlier, the interferences and activities of the human being were only expected to have devastating influences on earth. But a new NASA study has revealed that human activities are also having severe impacts and effects on space climate, located a million light-years beyond the atmosphere of Earth. NASA’s Van Allen Probes, which were launched in 2012 have tracked down a circle of ‘bubbles’, around the Earth, which scientists have dubbed as “Manmade Space Weather.”

This means, human beings are not just contributing to the alterations of Earth and its climate so severely, but also are having a significant influence on the space weather. After witnessing such an unexpected transformation of space weather, scientists at NASA have now called for an entirely new environmental epoch which will be named after the doomsday of humanity. But fortunately, unlike human being’s influence on Earth itself, the humungous effervesce circle the planet in space is actually functioning like-minded to earth.

As the new study claims, the formation of the bubble circle is likely to be caused by the Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio signals which are used to communicate with deep-sea submarines. As scientists expected, the bubble may be affecting the way high-energy particles in the space pass through the near-space ecology. For the study, researchers used NASA’s Van Allen Probes for keeping an eye on the impacts of artificial “space weather”.

Back in 2012, NASA set out two powerful space probes for working in tandem with each other as they zoomed through the Van Allen Belts of Earth at approximate speeds of 3,200 km/h (2,000 mph). To those unknown, Earth is encircled by two such radiation belts alongside an impermanent third belt and the inner belt is spread out from nearly 640 to 9,600 km (400 to 6,000 miles) on the top of Earth’s surface, while its outer belt is stretched to an altitude of nearly 13,500 to 58,000 km (8,400 to 36,000 miles).

Recently, the Van Allen Probes, while operating in their due course, detected something outlandish as they came across the mysteriously changing movements of charged particles trapped within the magnetic field of Earth. When scientists are NASA investigated the documentations, they detected a humanmade bubble circling the earth and this barrier had regularly and actively been pushing the Van Allen Belts far from Earth over the last few decades. Because of this thrust, the lower limits of the emission flows are actually sitting far away from Earth than they were in the 1960s.

And such Very Low Frequency (VLF) has caused the formation of humanmade space weather, highlights NASA in its latest paper, published by Science Space Reviews.

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    ” severe impacts and effects on space climate, located a million light-years beyond the atmosphere of Earth.” Are you on high, if our radiation should reach there even at speed of light, it should have started a million years ago….