NASA’s Mars Mission-2030 is the incipience of a new life – Jasleen Josan

NASA’s Mars Mission-2030 is the incipience of a new life - Jasleen Josan

Jasleen Josan, who is the only Indian astronomer to be a part of NASA’s Mars Mission-2030, has given some glimpse of NASA’s Mars Mission 2030 by stating it to be the beginning of a new life. Jasleen Josan belongs to Haryana and is currently working as a research scientist and main investigator of the Mars Mission-2030 of NASA.

Ms. Jasleen while interacting with the students of Ashram Public School, Kakinda has spilled some light on the 2030 Mars mission of NASA. Keeping her view on the Mars manned mission of NASA, Ms. Jasleen said, ‘Making it to Mars’ may look and sound easy, but living the actual tasks makes you experience a number of hurdles and numerous challenges including both visible and invisible concerns.

The 24-aged Jasleen Josan is the lone Indian to make her way to NASA’s Mars Mission-2030. In order to motivate the students and ignite the enthusiasm for space science among them, Ms. Jasleen said, “I also belong to a small village Ekta Vihar, Kurukshetra in Haryana. It is the also the birthplace of India’s first woman astronomer Kalpana Chawla.

Taking the statement further, she added that, since childhood, Kalpana Chawla has always been the source of motivation for me and following her footstep, I also now have dedicated myself entirely to the space science.”

Being selected for a Space Mission is nothing than the beginning of a new life. She is also one of the five youngest astronomers chosen by NASA for the Mars mission.

While speaking about her academic career and journey to NASA, Ms. Jasleen said, “During my academic career, I go the opportunity to join the Space training program at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. Even after successfully completing the training, I had to go through multiple examinations including both physical and intellectual tests make the way to NASA’s Mars Mission. As thousands of competitors from all over the world were there to get a break for Mars Mission, NASA had made the selection process to world-class level”.

Alongside the space-related tests, one has to undergo through some physical tests like scuba diving and skydiving for being selected. However, once you got selection letter for such space mission, your life will take quick transformation, and you can feel inception of a new life.

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