NASA denies the addition of 13th Zodiac Sign after change in Earth’s axis over last 3000 years

NASA declares 13th Zodiac Sign after change in Earth's axis over last 3000 years

NASA in its page “The Space Place” declared that a 13th zodiac sign has come into being because of a slight change in the axis of the Earth, over the last 3000 years since the Zodiac system was introduced. This news took the whole internet by storm and people already went frenzy about this whole topic in the internet. Though a spokesman from NASA later clarified that it did not change any Zodiac Sign, but it just did the math and further added that astronomy and astrology are two different disciplines of study.

Past week a news erupted that around 86 percent have a different star sign after NASA declared the 13th Zodiac Sign i.e. the “Ophiuchus” ( Nov 29 – Dec 17)

After this new addition in the zodiac family the updated list of Zodiac sign will be as under:

  1. Capricorn: 20 Jan – 16 Feb
  2. Aquarius: 16 Feb – 11 March
  3. Pisces: 11 March – 18 April
  4. Aries: 18 April – 13 May
  5. Taurus: 13 May – 21 June
  6. Gemini: 21 June – 20 July
  7. Cancer: 20 July – 10 Aug
  8. Leo: 10 Aug – 16 Sept
  9. Virgo: 16 Sept – 30 Oct
  10. Libra: 30 Oct – 23 Nov
  11. Scorpio: 23 – 29 Nov
  12. Ophiuchus*: 29 Nov – 17 Dec
  13. Sagittarius: 17 Dec – 20 Jan

But since it happened 3000 years ago the Babylonians ignored the 13th Zodiac signs to match the 12 months calendar and ignored the fact that sun actually maneuvers through the 13th constellation as well.

Though according to some astrologers there is nothing new in the latest addition of 13th Zodiac sign as it was already there, but just in a different system and online evidences dates back from 2002 to support the same.

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