The presence and existence of alien and UFOs are the most enigmatic topic that the current scientific and astronomic societies are discussing today. Since years, the sightings of UFOs in videos, clicked by satellites, spaceships, and spacecraft have been talked about and without any solid proof, have eventually gone vanished from the front discussion box. Such a new claim of UFO sighting has come to the forefront as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has published its latest video that exhibits a longish, while-coloured UFO, coming closer to the International Space Station (ISS) and then zooming out in the space.

Alien-theory enthusiasts, across the world, have had a chaotic day as a new mysterious, and alleged UFO detection turned up. NASA recently published a new video, framed by one of its the cameras of ISS, which demonstrates a strange, white-coloured flying object, which seems more like a longish floating UFO. As claimed by the UFO hunters, the flying object came on the brink of the ISS and then zooms out to space. However, NASA has completely repudiated the claims and rumours regarding the flying object being an aircraft of aliens and argues the object be just another satellite or some kind of space wreckage, which randomly floats in space.

The video footage, captured by an onboard camera of the International Space Station (ISS) demonstrated a blurred disk-shaped object, flying in extreme proximity to the ISS and zooming out the orbital post shortly. After NASA publishing the video on its website, a trimmed part of the video, showing the flying of the UFO near the ISS started surfacing on the video platform – YouTube and grabbed millions of eyeballs of alien-theory enthusiasts across the world.

The UFO sighting clip also has positively convinced people to put an end to NASA’s claims about the object not being a UFO and strongly believe that the disk-shaped element, flying around ISS was truly an alien spaceship, which we popularly called UFO. The video was uploaded to YouTube by an alien hunter and space enthusiast – Streetcap1, who claimed that the documented object is a significant breakthrough towards the detection of extraterrestrial life, which have been puzzling scientists and astronomers since years.

This is not the first time that alien-hunters have spotted UFOs in 2017. Last month, a supermassive bus-sized object was found in the sky in California which was believed to be a UFO by some alien-hunters and space enthusiasts. Pictures, exhibiting this bus-mass flying object quickly went viral after being uploaded on the internet and also somehow reinforced the belief and arguments that extraterrestrial life does exist outside earth.

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