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NASA testing with asteroids to make a journey to the Mars

NASA Develops New Plans to Protect Earth from Asteroids

Heard of the journey to the end of the earth? Now NASA is coming up with a unique mission which will let us allow us to travel to the Mars with this approved, one of a kind Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM).

It is the beginner stages for which the NASA has shown the green signal, which will now be moved into designing and developing the robotic segment of the mission.

The ARM mission consists of 2 major parts. And these will integrate robotic and crewed spacecraft operation in the proving ground of deep space which will be helpful for the NASA to assess whether they are well equipped to travel to the red planet.

If the core samples are extracted from the captured boulder, it can be used to uncover many key aspects of the solar system like its origin etc.

once the multi-tonne boulders are collected from the said asteroid, the spacecraft will redirect the boulder to an orbit around the moon, using its gravity for an assist. And this is where NASA is planning to conduct a series of ground missions which will prove the theories.

There, astronauts will be able to select, extract, collect and return samples from the multi-tonne asteroid mass, and conduct other human-robotic and spacecraft operations in the proving ground that will validate concepts for NASA’s journey to Mars.

This ARM will also showcase advanced, high-power, high-throughput solar electric propulsion; advanced autonomous high-speed proximity operations at a low-gravity planetary body; controlled touchdown and liftoff with a multi-tonne mass from a low-gravity planetary body.

It is also said that, the ARM will be helpful in showing astronaut spacewalk activities for various activities related to space including extraction, containment etc.

Hope with this, the red planet can be accessed easily and also estimate the life there.

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