NASA releases a new 4K ‘Tour of the Moon’ video

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has recently reprised a 2011 footage of the moon in ‘4K resolution’. The crystal clear 5-minute video shows various sites such as the mineral composition of the Aristarchus plateau, mapping of gravity around the Orientale basin as well as traces of surface water ice evidence found in certain spots near the South Pole of the moon.

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) shot the footage on its mission ‘Tour of the Moon’ which was a 5-minute virtual tour of the artificial satellite aka moon and the nearest neighbor of the Earth. Now in 2018, NASA has reprised the footage in the 4K resolution which shows every nook and corner of the shortlisted regions as illustrated in eccentric detail.

Researchers culminated all the data collected by the LRO over the period of 6 years and included the same camera path and other details to create this mesmerizing and eye-popping tour of the moon. The regions captured in this virtual tour shows the regions that are clearly visible to amateur and professionals as observed from the Earth using telescopes while some of the regions like South Pole-Aitken and Orientale are only visible from the space. It has captured regions formed way back in the history as well as regions that were recently formed such as Aristarchus and Tycho.

The tour shows the sites of several Apollo landing which were made near the equator captured in high resolution while on the other hand, it features regions that are constantly shadowed and difficult to photograph where the researchers used the altimetry technique to capture it. You can watch this marvelous 5-minute ‘Tour of the Moon’ here.

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