NASA launches Pinterest and GIPHY pages and they are glorious; Do check out

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The American space agency NASA has captured millions of images and GIFs till data which also reveal key information about our universe. Now, the US space agency is willing to share some best of the images on its official Pinterest and GIPHY accounts which will be a delight for students, space enthusiasts and will also increase the knowledge base of common man.

NASA has shared its account on the image posting site Pinterest where each image or video is called pins and scientists can pick some stunning pins and make a collection called pinboards. This social media platform allows users to browse and discover images from across NASA’s many missions in aeronautics, astrophysics, Earth science, human spaceflight, and more, and pin them to their own pinboards. Pinboards are often used for creative ideas for home decor and theme-party planning, inspiration for artwork and other far-out endeavors.


You can follow NASA on Pinterest

In addition, the US space agency has also shared animated GIFs on GIPHY. Users can download and share the agency’s creations on their own social media accounts, and can be used to create or share animated GIFs to communicate a reaction, offer a visual explanation, or even create digital works of art. These GIFs are accessible directly from the Twitter app. Just tap or click the GIF button in the Twitter tool bar, search for NASAGIF, and all NASA GIFs will appear for sharing and tweeting.


You can follow NASA on GIPHY.

In addition, NASA has urged people to check their newly shared account regularly to catch many more mesmerising Pins and GIFs. Scientists believe that these stunning bunch of images and videos will enable normal to people to get a deeper insight of Earth and the universe. The agency continues to add new platforms, like Pinterest and GIPHY, to offer the public a comprehensive view of NASA’s missions, facilities and people.

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