NASA is inspiring young children of space explorers collaborating with American Girl

NASA is inspiring young children of space explorers collaborating with American Girl

Nasa took the initiative to inspire the young generation about the vast space. Nasa has recently partnered with an American company through the Space Act agreement and took a girl in the space to share the real-life experience and excitement of space. Nasa wants to give a reason to young girls so that they can learn about science, technology, engineering and math.

Nasa collaborated with a book and doll company to motivate children for their big dreams and reach out to the stars in the far galaxy. Nasa astronaut Megan McArthur said that to stimulate our next generation it is necessary to find out new ways to grab their interest in space exploration. She continued that she always wanted to encourage children to pursue their dreams, it doesn’t matter how big they are, and she thinks that it will help to show that those dreams can turn into reality for any child.

The firm American Girl is well-known for creating barbie dolls which inspire girls to dream and to become what they want when they grow up. This collaboration is 2018 Girl of the Year doll focuses on the child who wants to become space explorers such as a girl Luciana who wants to be the first person to put her boots on the red planet, she is just 11 years old and is a fantastic inspiration for young children. This programme is for kids that yes you are free to dream and to accomplish them.

This agreement is an excellent opportunity for the young generation to educate by the inspiring story of 11 years old girl Luciana. Nasa wants children to learn from mistakes, teamwork and challenges. Women at Nasa knows about Luciana’s experiences, astronauts like Megan who fought against all the obstacles to pursue their dreams are a few inspiring stories for the upcoming generations.

Nasa is a world leader in aeronautics, space exploration, science and has various missions that need the young talent. The projects like MRS mission and other projects to explore the solar system and they will require the talented youngsters to continue the projects. The space agency will work with the American doll and various other firms for improving the education and will outreach public to share the excitement of space and motivate STEM careers this New Year. This kind of projects hope to be successful and may inspire the youngsters to work hard for their dreams.

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