What if NASA misses track of Near Earth Object moving towards Earth one day?

How fast can NASA detect a Near Earth object? What if it missed one?

One more asteroid named as asteroid 2017 YZ4 is coming towards Earth and is rushing at the speed of approximately 21,500 miles per hour. It is observed that it will pass the surface of Earth closer than the moon. Though the near-Earth object will not pass closer than 13000 miles to Earth, estimated by the scientists. But still what if one day NASA fails to detect asteroid or misses an asteroid? As this asteroid was identified on Christmas day and will going to give us a much closer visit.

As per the reports at the ending days of Obama’s Presidential period, the government made a strategy for the near-Earth objects named as National Near-Earth Object Preparedness plan, but that could not last long. If we know about the near-Earth objects earlier, we can get prepared for its consequences. There are a few programs by NASA that can detect asteroids such as CNEOS, and in 2016 they tested an intruder that gives alert for the celestial bodies near Earth. According to NASA Near Earth Objects are identified by comparing images of sky parts taken in a minimum period.

The recently declared potentially hazardous asteroid 3200 Phaethon was detected as closest near earth object due to its distance. It was just two million miles away from the Earth’s orbit. This asteroid was three miles wide and marked its closest approach on 16 December. Though Nasa cleared up earlier that is will not cause any harm to Earth. Nasa stated earlier that if the Humanity is wiped out near in future than an asteroid strike would be high on the list of likely causes. That depicts that yes we have to be prepared for these asteroids and should be able to identify them in the far space.

The latest discovered asteroid 2017 YZ4 is measured approximately 22 and 49 feet. This asteroid is comparably tiny to the other asteroids that marked the closest approach to Earth. As per the science asteroids are the reason why dinosaurs wiped away from the earth. A scientist at Nasa Joseph Nuth said that the asteroid that can cause extinction is not near these events are far apart. He stated event that killed dinosaurs are 50 to 60 million years far from now. He continued that we could say that the space agencies can predict these events at the time, but back then it was a random event at that moment.

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