#BlackHoleFriday: Watch five stunning images uploaded by NASA on Twitter

NASA celebrates #BlackHoleFriday by tweeting five stunning images

Everyone is celebrating Black Friday, but the American Space Agency has its own style of celebrating the special day by mesmerising people. Like previous three years, this year too NASA is celebrating its #BlackHoleFriday on 27 November by tweeting some stunning images of Black Holes that exist in our universe. Some might not know what exactly Black Hole is? Black Holes are formed after death of a gigantic star, at this stage everything starts to collapse inside the star and tonnes of mass gets concentrated in a very small area leading to very high gravitational pull such that not even light can escape its gravity.

Since, all the light passing near the Black Holes gets trapped we are unable to see it by naked eyes and it can only be seen through special telescopes. Black Holes are important as without them our galaxies would not exist and it plays a very crucial role in formation of galaxies. This year NASA tweeted five breathtaking images which is a delight to watch especially for stargazers as they wait for the American Space Agency to release these kinds of images.

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