NASA astronaut tweets stunning images of Aurora Borealis taken from space

While gazing our Earth from ISS (International Space Station), NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has clicked and posted breathtaking pictures of the Northern lights on the microblogging website — Twitter. With the help of ISS’s satellite he was able to access the internet and tweeted the astonishing pics.

Kelly has shared many amazing pictures in past few days. This time, he captured the bright Aurora Borealis in his camera. Scientists say that this time Aurora Borealis was so bright that it was visible the Earth too.

The Aurora Borealis is caused by geomagnetic storms initiated by strong solar winds. However, this time the winds were too powerful which made northern lights visible from south than normal and people especially stargazers in northern England were able to witness the magical event from the Earth.

Apart from strong solar winds, ‘coronal hole’ near the equator of the sun also played a vital role in making the Aurora Borealis visible from the Earth. Astronomers say that ‘coronal hole’ was perfectly aligned with the Earth which made the event breathtaking.

While talking of Kelly, he is a NASA astronaut, but before that he was US Navy Fighter Pilot, He started his career in 1994 when he joined US Navy and till date he has gathered flying experience of more than 8000 hours in more than 40 aircrafts.

Kelly is one of the six members who currently are in space and has spent 195 days in ISS


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