Installation of the "Send Your Name to Mars" project microchip on the InSight lander.

Well, along with researchers and scientists, NASA has always focused on involving general public and space enthusiasts in its space exploration programmes. And now NASA is gearing up for another space mission to Mars in 2018 through its InSight Lander, and it wants that everybody should become a part of this mission and contribute towards its successful exploration. So, the space agency is inviting people to submit their names on a microchip which will be fitted to the InSight lander.

The interested candidates can submit their names on NASA’s website, and the last date for submission is November 1. This is not the first time that NASA has done such type of invitation. In 2015, NASA reached out to the general public and to invited people to submit their names which would be then put on a microchip on board the spacecraft designed for its Insight mission to Mars. At that time around 827,000 people enrolled their names to be added on a microchip. Again in 2014 also NASA offered this participation aboard its Orion spacecraft for 1.38 million people.

So, those who have missed the participation and eagerly want to send their names to Mars can submit their names by November 1, 2017, and once NASDA accepts their name, they will be able to download a boarding pass along with frequent flier points. Those who have participated in the past are already a part of NASA’s “frequent flier” program, and they also can get the “boarding pass” that shows past participation. The frequent flier points will be added when the Insight lander takes off in 2018 and also when people successfully submit their name for the space aboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System.

The principal investigator of the Insight Mission Bruce Banerdt told that Mars has always excited the space enthusiasts of all ages and this rare opportunity would let them become a part of the spacecraft which would study the inside of the Red Planet. The goal of the InSight mission is to improve NASA’s understanding of the history, formation, and evolution of rocky planets, which includes Earth. NASA informed that InSight lander is scheduled to launch for mars from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in May 2018

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