Naked mole rats do not age with the passage of time, says a new study

In a surprising discovery, scientists have figured out that the naked mole rats do not age. Yes, these naked mole rats do not have a fear of aging, as their chances of death do not increase as they get older. That means another superpower of the naked mole rats has been discovered. Naked mole rats bear a lot of superpowers like they are completely immune to cancer, they can live for 18 minutes without oxygen, and they are resistant to some type of pains.

But, this latest discovery about naked mole rats being unaffected by aging is truly the most powerful superpowers possessed by them. Lead researcher Rochelle Buffenstein of Google’s anti-ageing company Calico said, “To me, this is the most exciting data I’ve ever gotten. It goes against everything we know in terms of mammalian biology.” Caleb Finch, a biogerontologist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, who was not part of the study, was completely amazed by this remarkably low mortality in case of the naked mole rats. “At advanced ages, their mortality rate remains lower than any other mammal that has been documented,” he said. Although the naked mole rats look like, wrinkly skin sacks, they do not age as they get older, unlike every other mammalian species.

Normally it is known that the risk of death goes up in mammals as they grow older but for these wrinkly rodents dwelling under the deserts of East Africa, age has nothing to do with the mortality rate. Buffenstein has been doing research on naked mole rats for more than 30 years and is well aware of each of the deaths occurring in case of the naked mole rats. After analyzing the records of 3,299 naked mole rats, Buffenstein found out that the risk of mortality remained at about one in 10,000 for the remainder of the rats’ lives.

Buffenstein informed that the research demonstrated that naked mole rats do not age in the same manner as other mammals, and in fact show little to no signs of ageing, and their death risk does not increase even at 25 times past their time to reproductive maturity. According to Buffenstein, their the naked mole rats are exceptional animals to study, and these wrinkly rodents throw some light regarding the biological mechanism of the longevity. The latest study was published in the journal elife.

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